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Weldcom Electrodes Pvt Ltd was established in 1994, setting up manufacturing unit at Surat, Gujarat State, INDIA. WEPL offers a wide range of Welding Consumables for diverse applications in industries like Steel, Shipbuilding, Construction, Transport, Offshore, Energy, Repair & Maintenance, to name a few and market it under brand name of NOVA.Our NOVA brand welding electrodes have been appreciated all over India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Angola, Ethiopia, Zambia, Congo, Morocco, Tunisia, Togo, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Indonesia, Jordan, and many more gulf countries. We are looking for more dealers/importer/channel partners/agents to promote our NOVA brand welding electrodes to all parts of the world. Our products include Manual Metal Arc Electrodes, Welding Flux & Wires, CO2 Welding Wires, and range of special purpose welding consumables. NOVA-X13 (E6013) is the most demanded welding electrode for its easy slag remove, low smoke and low spatter quality. Also NOVA GOLD stainless steel is been very much appreciated everywhere for its tendency of working under low current and low ocv machines for mainly welding stainless steel furniture, tubes, pipes,thin sheets. We are promoting our NOVA range of welding consumables. We developed various special and ultra-special electrodes to meet the ever increasing and multifarious needs of our customers. With a wealth of experience and technical know-how at our command, we even undertake to provide solutions for various welding related applications. Over the years, we have receive a number of awards that recognize our total focus on the quality aspect in our production processes and few of the prominent entities who have been certified us are Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI), Indian Register of Shipping (IRS), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL). WEPL Research and Development strategy is to continually improve its welding processes. The company seeks to develop new, high

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